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Habits which can improve the quality of our lives

Hello my dear readers. Here I’m back here before you to share my knowledge about 3 practices which I feel would be great for your personal and professional life if applied with consitence. I can definitely assure you of the results as I have been practicing them for a few weeks and it definitely has worked well if not wonders for me.

So Here I list these practices which would definitely work wonders for you -:

.1. Waking up early and sleeping early – Waking up early i.e between 4:30 Am -5:30 Am not only gives us a general TIME advantage over our colleagues and co-workers but it gives us the taste of accomplishment which gives us the slight MOMENTUM advantage through which we can convert a day into an arena where we just conquer!!

Also, the other part of it, i.e. sleeping early makes us feel important as we feel that we are serious towards something and will be willing to take any sacrifice for the fulfillment of our purpose. This also helps us in development of our self-esteem.

.2. Visualising self to achieve our targets upon waking up early in the morning – This is the Gamechanger as it gives the magistic boost to our mind by releasing dopamine and serotonin through our grey cells making us feel determined.

Writing letter to self (i.e letter to ourself) – This is something that makes us feel more connected to ourself while continuing our pursuit towards achieving our goals. It generates self love which is the most important thing towards going the road of success.

TIP – write casually without altering your feelings and write like you are writing the letter it to your future self .

Well this is it. Thank-you for reading and I hope these practices benfit you.

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Published by Aryan Dubey

I m a passionate 16 year old looking to share gratitude to family I gained through this forum. Yeah, my readers.

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