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How to set role model for ourselves

Welcome back my dear viewers. I hope that your lives pass with happiness and joy . May you have everything you want from your lives and enjoy each moment it.

So, the idea that I’m going to express to is something that I feel has made a lot of changes in my personality and I hope it sure does to yours by helping you guiding through the process of getting a clearer mindset,i.e the correct ways to choose a ROLE -MODEL.

Now, Role models are the people we admire, the people who think that we share our common beliefs with, the people who inspire us to walk paths that are nearly impossible with faith. Yes!! Also, choosing a wrong person as our role model could make us a confused and sometimes destructive towards our daily values and make us dettered from our paths.

So, here are some quick tips through which I have chosen Role models who have inspired me to live life to the fullest and believe in the process of achievement -:

.1. Choose ice (cool attitude ) ones over fire(agressive attitude) ones – Now we must embrace the fact that when we are calm, composed and persistent we are much better at handling our emotions with ease. I’m not saying that we must not embody the fire of desire, because that is something which is one of the keymost ingredient of achievement on which I am going to write a separate detailed blog.

But what I m saying is that we must not choose people who are are Bad mouthed, constantly cussing and chase glamour over perfecting their crafts .

What should I do- what you can do is explore the activities of people best at their jobs and observe whether they treat their juniors and seniors with humility and respect or not. If yes then proceed , or if not then get them off your list.

.2. Choose work ethic over talent – we may often see someone being hailed as gifted or more talented than his fellows and even most talented than everyone else. But what we observe is that often these people fall short to the achievements by people who are willing to go through any process for gaining that slight advantage over the talented ones.

So, Choose work over word.

What can I do – If you want to do or be something, then work hard towards it rather than posting it for later by counting on your talent.

Hardwork beats talent when talent thinks he is too good to work hard

.3. Choose people who are the living embodiment of what you want to be – This could be anyone from passionate Ronaldo to the gamechanger Elon musk. Just pen down what you want to do and Choose your Model accordingly. I personaly believe in the work ethic of Elon Musk or Serena Williams .

Now, it is good that you have got your role model but you should focus on application and maintaining your uniqueness. free all, a role model is just another person who chose to be himself or herself rather than being some else.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment any of your views and also…. like the blog๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘


Published by Aryan Dubey

I m a passionate 16 year old looking to share gratitude to family I gained through this forum. Yeah, my readers.

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