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Everything that you ‘taught’ me

I went so deep, To catch my breath I drove through hell, To ring the bell

I tried to keep, You out of my reach. As my feelings teach, That you make me weak

The harder I tried, With my heart and soul, The ignorant you became, As your actions told

The more I did, With all my will The more you told me, That I need to keep still

Now, the more I got, Of getting something not. From you I’m thankful, You taught me a lot

Now that you went, Far from my dreams I feel like a kite, That is swaying through the realms

I feel the thrill , Now that I stand still. With peace and my will, My life is climbing the hill

I thank you, For teaching me at such small, minor age That the beauty of love, Is stronger than rage

I thank you so much, I have no grudges in my heart I pray to to god , That you get all you want

Life is like a game , That is simple and plain Can you stay ‘you’, Even through all the pain

At last I think, Always follow your heart But be careful, or else someone ‘steals ‘ your heart .

-Aryan Dubey 😎

Thank you for reading everyone. Please like if it felt good . And don’t forget to share your views through commenting.


Published by Aryan Dubey

I m a passionate 16 year old looking to share gratitude to family I gained through this forum. Yeah, my readers.

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