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How to become a straight A student even if you struggle in maths and science

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Hello dear readers. Here I’m back with another blog of my own which may be effective for any student of any discipline i.e Maths, Science or Arts.

The techniques are and trusted by many Straight A students all around the world and they are proven true through some research by Barbara Oakley in her book “A mind for numbers”.

Well being average or mediocre in studies is common and being stunted by concepts of Maths and science is so much more to be seen. But Barbara who was weak in Maths and science throughout her academics have taught us through her experience how she became interested and devoted towards these subjects that she became so good that she is often considered a GENIUS nowadays .

So let’s just jump on the tricks or what we can call, Instructions to reignite our childhood love for Maths and Science –

.1. Keeping it simple but consistent – We often tend to think that excelling in Maths or science is too much of an overwhelming process . Looking through this approach makes us deamed to Procrastinate.Barbara suggests us that even focusing on learning these subjects for even an hour a day can break the shell for us i.e Consistency is the key.

How to maintain consitesncy-

.2.Playing it like a videogame- In any game as we move higher through the challenges or levels, we enjoy the thrill more. Like in a videogame we move through levels with difficulty levels rising each next level we need to study in a way that we strengthen the basics before aiming for the ‘Stuff’.

For example – We need to first get our basics right on the simple concepts of trigonometry before jumping in solving heights and distance oriented questions.

.3. Skim the skin – This is the well recognized trick that is most frequently used by any Topper. They skim through the chapter before actually jumping into solutions. This trick is so effective that it has been found to increase a student’s productivity by a huge margin of 34% .

.4. Rest is must – It is adviced to take a break of atleast 10 minutes of break after a completing a study of 50 minutes. It not only relaxes the mind but also frees us of any tension build up. But beware of taking much larger breaks as they can harm the productivity levels gained .

.5. Spaced repetition- Repeating or revising content gained through focused study sessions is must in order to create fluency. It is advisable to revise in order of day – 2, 5, 7, 10, 17, 30 from the day a concept is learnt as it makes the knowledge sink deeper into the subconscious mind.

Thank you for reading everyone . I hope this blog might help you in achieving your goals. Also avoid crowd gatherings and stay safe from corona as nothing else is more important than your heath.

Stay safe ,Stay Strong. Take care


Published by Aryan Dubey

I m a passionate 16 year old looking to share gratitude to family I gained through this forum. Yeah, my readers.

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