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How to stay productive during the period of quarantine

Hello my dear readers. Here I’m back with another blog of my own written with the motive of creating ideas which may be useful in your daily life and help increase your productivity by huge margins.

Now, due to Coronavirus most of us are forced to stay at home quarantined . This might be like being trapped in jails for many with nothing special to do. Ufff!!!!!

But this period can be the time which might turn the tables of our lives and that too for good. We can see this period as the golden opportunity in this Blessing in Disguise period of coronavirus pandemic by deciding to work on ourselves.

Now without wasting any time of yours (which is precious even in your quarantine period, yes it is😁) here I list down activities which have helped me use this as time as my Golden Egg -:

.1. Working out – In recent months I had gained considerable amount of weight. Plus I was so busy in my obligations (for me my exams) that I couldn’t do anything about it. But soon came this blessing in disguise in the form of lockdown or quarantine period.

From past two weeks I have been working out 6 times a week . I feel good and I feel a risen level of energy. I also would recommend it as the main thing which will help you prepare for life after ‘quarantine’ and keep you away from the negative spread through news channels on the topic of corona losses. Remember, it is necessary to feel bad for the losses but sticking to the feeling might result in pain and depression for you.

.2. Reading a book – Remember the book which you enthusiastically ordered online but never got a chance to read. Now is the time to go for it .

Just finish it !! 😁

.3. Become a blogger – Becoming a blogger and writing posts require your devotion and creativity. You always try to come with better which is the best way to keep yourself busy. Also it improves your thought process and helps you become more expressive.

.4. Develop a habit -: Developing a habit requires total change in lifestyle. It is very challenging to start a habit as it takes us through the painful process of ‘Change’. Also due to our daily obligations it is very hard to develop a habit. But this period of time may give you that extra ‘push’ you need. You have enough time to develop any positive habit such as – waking up early or learning guitar through free online video lessons .

.5. Getting caring towards plants- Many of us have small potted saplings or plants at our homes but few look after them. Remember that those plants also have life and need affection. Also they follow the rule of give and take as in turn of your caring attitude they bless you with their flowers , fruits or just oxygen and lots of respect.

So go after it and change your lives by following any of these advices i give as your well-wisher.

Thank you for reading and take care of yourself. Wash hands with soap regularly in order to prevent yourself from corona as I care for you πŸ’“.

Thank you , stay safe.

Remember, together we can!!!.


Published by Aryan Dubey

I m a passionate 16 year old looking to share gratitude to family I gained through this forum. Yeah, my readers.

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