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Everything that you ‘taught’ me

I went so deep, To catch my breath I drove through hell, To ring the bell I tried to keep, You out of my reach. As my feelings teach, That you make me weak The harder I tried, With my heart and soul, The ignorant you became, As your actions told The more I did,Continue reading “Everything that you ‘taught’ me”



It’s okay to feel ‘Broken’ , as it gets us ‘woken’. It’s okay to feel worse , as sometimes we may get ‘Hurt’ It’s okay to ‘whimper’, About that “acne’ or ‘pimple’. It’s normal to hug your ‘parents’ rather than going with ‘friends’. It’s okay to feel low, after your ‘crush’ says no It’s okayContinue reading “Breakthrough”

How to set role model for ourselves

Welcome back my dear viewers. I hope that your lives pass with happiness and joy . May you have everything you want from your lives and enjoy each moment it. So, the idea that I’m going to express to is something that I feel has made a lot of changes in my personality and IContinue reading “How to set role model for ourselves”

Habits which can improve the quality of our lives

Hello my dear readers. Here I’m back here before you to share my knowledge about 3 practices which I feel would be great for your personal and professional life if applied with consitence. I can definitely assure you of the results as I have been practicing them for a few weeks and it definitely hasContinue reading “Habits which can improve the quality of our lives”