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It’s okay to feel ‘Broken’ , as it gets us ‘woken’. It’s okay to feel worse , as sometimes we may get ‘Hurt’

It’s okay to ‘whimper’, About that “acne’ or ‘pimple’. It’s normal to hug your ‘parents’ rather than going with ‘friends’.

It’s okay to feel low, after your ‘crush’ says no It’s okay to fear, about those ‘rumours’ you hear

Life can give ‘pain’, but not just in ‘vain’ As it makes us clear , about the purpose we must bear i.e to love and take challenges without any pinch of fear

It’s life that breaks us, It’s life that makes us, So either we choose to break or ”BREAKTHROUGH”

Thank-You for reading my this little poem. I hope you liked my efforts more than my words 😅

Thank you . Good luck


Published by Aryan Dubey

I m a passionate 16 year old looking to share gratitude to family I gained through this forum. Yeah, my readers.

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