How to stay productive during the period of quarantine

Hello my dear readers. Here I’m back with another blog of my own written with the motive of creating ideas which may be useful in your daily life and help increase your productivity by huge margins.

Now, due to Coronavirus most of us are forced to stay at home quarantined . This might be like being trapped in jails for many with nothing special to do. Ufff!!!!!

But this period can be the time which might turn the tables of our lives and that too for good. We can see this period as the golden opportunity in this Blessing in Disguise period of coronavirus pandemic by deciding to work on ourselves.

Now without wasting any time of yours (which is precious even in your quarantine period, yes it is😁) here I list down activities which have helped me use this as time as my Golden Egg -:

.1. Working out – In recent months I had gained considerable amount of weight. Plus I was so busy in my obligations (for me my exams) that I couldn’t do anything about it. But soon came this blessing in disguise in the form of lockdown or quarantine period.

From past two weeks I have been working out 6 times a week . I feel good and I feel a risen level of energy. I also would recommend it as the main thing which will help you prepare for life after ‘quarantine’ and keep you away from the negative spread through news channels on the topic of corona losses. Remember, it is necessary to feel bad for the losses but sticking to the feeling might result in pain and depression for you.

.2. Reading a book – Remember the book which you enthusiastically ordered online but never got a chance to read. Now is the time to go for it .

Just finish it !! 😁

.3. Become a blogger – Becoming a blogger and writing posts require your devotion and creativity. You always try to come with better which is the best way to keep yourself busy. Also it improves your thought process and helps you become more expressive.

.4. Develop a habit -: Developing a habit requires total change in lifestyle. It is very challenging to start a habit as it takes us through the painful process of ‘Change’. Also due to our daily obligations it is very hard to develop a habit. But this period of time may give you that extra ‘push’ you need. You have enough time to develop any positive habit such as – waking up early or learning guitar through free online video lessons .

.5. Getting caring towards plants- Many of us have small potted saplings or plants at our homes but few look after them. Remember that those plants also have life and need affection. Also they follow the rule of give and take as in turn of your caring attitude they bless you with their flowers , fruits or just oxygen and lots of respect.

So go after it and change your lives by following any of these advices i give as your well-wisher.

Thank you for reading and take care of yourself. Wash hands with soap regularly in order to prevent yourself from corona as I care for you πŸ’“.

Thank you , stay safe.

Remember, together we can!!!.


How to become a straight A student even if you struggle in maths and science

stay safe, let everyone be safe

#Together we can, Coronavirus will pass

Hello dear readers. Here I’m back with another blog of my own which may be effective for any student of any discipline i.e Maths, Science or Arts.

The techniques are and trusted by many Straight A students all around the world and they are proven true through some research by Barbara Oakley in her book “A mind for numbers”.

Well being average or mediocre in studies is common and being stunted by concepts of Maths and science is so much more to be seen. But Barbara who was weak in Maths and science throughout her academics have taught us through her experience how she became interested and devoted towards these subjects that she became so good that she is often considered a GENIUS nowadays .

So let’s just jump on the tricks or what we can call, Instructions to reignite our childhood love for Maths and Science –

.1. Keeping it simple but consistent – We often tend to think that excelling in Maths or science is too much of an overwhelming process . Looking through this approach makes us deamed to Procrastinate.Barbara suggests us that even focusing on learning these subjects for even an hour a day can break the shell for us i.e Consistency is the key.

How to maintain consitesncy-https://1010ten.home.blog/2020/01/01/dont-break-the-chain-strategy-an-effective-technique-for-a-productive-and-consistent-2020/

.2.Playing it like a videogame- In any game as we move higher through the challenges or levels, we enjoy the thrill more. Like in a videogame we move through levels with difficulty levels rising each next level we need to study in a way that we strengthen the basics before aiming for the ‘Stuff’.

For example – We need to first get our basics right on the simple concepts of trigonometry before jumping in solving heights and distance oriented questions.

.3. Skim the skin – This is the well recognized trick that is most frequently used by any Topper. They skim through the chapter before actually jumping into solutions. This trick is so effective that it has been found to increase a student’s productivity by a huge margin of 34% .

.4. Rest is must – It is adviced to take a break of atleast 10 minutes of break after a completing a study of 50 minutes. It not only relaxes the mind but also frees us of any tension build up. But beware of taking much larger breaks as they can harm the productivity levels gained .

.5. Spaced repetition- Repeating or revising content gained through focused study sessions is must in order to create fluency. It is advisable to revise in order of day – 2, 5, 7, 10, 17, 30 from the day a concept is learnt as it makes the knowledge sink deeper into the subconscious mind.

Thank you for reading everyone . I hope this blog might help you in achieving your goals. Also avoid crowd gatherings and stay safe from corona as nothing else is more important than your heath.

Stay safe ,Stay Strong. Take care

Everything that you ‘taught’ me

I went so deep, To catch my breath I drove through hell, To ring the bell

I tried to keep, You out of my reach. As my feelings teach, That you make me weak

The harder I tried, With my heart and soul, The ignorant you became, As your actions told

The more I did, With all my will The more you told me, That I need to keep still

Now, the more I got, Of getting something not. From you I’m thankful, You taught me a lot

Now that you went, Far from my dreams I feel like a kite, That is swaying through the realms

I feel the thrill , Now that I stand still. With peace and my will, My life is climbing the hill

I thank you, For teaching me at such small, minor age That the beauty of love, Is stronger than rage

I thank you so much, I have no grudges in my heart I pray to to god , That you get all you want

Life is like a game , That is simple and plain Can you stay ‘you’, Even through all the pain

At last I think, Always follow your heart But be careful, or else someone ‘steals ‘ your heart .

-Aryan Dubey 😎

Thank you for reading everyone. Please like if it felt good . And don’t forget to share your views through commenting.


It’s okay to feel ‘Broken’ , as it gets us ‘woken’. It’s okay to feel worse , as sometimes we may get ‘Hurt’

It’s okay to ‘whimper’, About that “acne’ or ‘pimple’. It’s normal to hug your ‘parents’ rather than going with ‘friends’.

It’s okay to feel low, after your ‘crush’ says no It’s okay to fear, about those ‘rumours’ you hear

Life can give ‘pain’, but not just in ‘vain’ As it makes us clear , about the purpose we must bear i.e to love and take challenges without any pinch of fear

It’s life that breaks us, It’s life that makes us, So either we choose to break or ”BREAKTHROUGH”

Thank-You for reading my this little poem. I hope you liked my efforts more than my words πŸ˜…

Thank you . Good luck

How to set role model for ourselves

Welcome back my dear viewers. I hope that your lives pass with happiness and joy . May you have everything you want from your lives and enjoy each moment it.

So, the idea that I’m going to express to is something that I feel has made a lot of changes in my personality and I hope it sure does to yours by helping you guiding through the process of getting a clearer mindset,i.e the correct ways to choose a ROLE -MODEL.

Now, Role models are the people we admire, the people who think that we share our common beliefs with, the people who inspire us to walk paths that are nearly impossible with faith. Yes!! Also, choosing a wrong person as our role model could make us a confused and sometimes destructive towards our daily values and make us dettered from our paths.

So, here are some quick tips through which I have chosen Role models who have inspired me to live life to the fullest and believe in the process of achievement -:

.1. Choose ice (cool attitude ) ones over fire(agressive attitude) ones – Now we must embrace the fact that when we are calm, composed and persistent we are much better at handling our emotions with ease. I’m not saying that we must not embody the fire of desire, because that is something which is one of the keymost ingredient of achievement on which I am going to write a separate detailed blog.

But what I m saying is that we must not choose people who are are Bad mouthed, constantly cussing and chase glamour over perfecting their crafts .

What should I do- what you can do is explore the activities of people best at their jobs and observe whether they treat their juniors and seniors with humility and respect or not. If yes then proceed , or if not then get them off your list.

.2. Choose work ethic over talent – we may often see someone being hailed as gifted or more talented than his fellows and even most talented than everyone else. But what we observe is that often these people fall short to the achievements by people who are willing to go through any process for gaining that slight advantage over the talented ones.

So, Choose work over word.

What can I do – If you want to do or be something, then work hard towards it rather than posting it for later by counting on your talent.

Hardwork beats talent when talent thinks he is too good to work hard

.3. Choose people who are the living embodiment of what you want to be – This could be anyone from passionate Ronaldo to the gamechanger Elon musk. Just pen down what you want to do and Choose your Model accordingly. I personaly believe in the work ethic of Elon Musk or Serena Williams .

Now, it is good that you have got your role model but you should focus on application and maintaining your uniqueness. free all, a role model is just another person who chose to be himself or herself rather than being some else.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment any of your views and also…. like the blogπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Habits which can improve the quality of our lives

Hello my dear readers. Here I’m back here before you to share my knowledge about 3 practices which I feel would be great for your personal and professional life if applied with consitence. I can definitely assure you of the results as I have been practicing them for a few weeks and it definitely has worked well if not wonders for me.

So Here I list these practices which would definitely work wonders for you -:

.1. Waking up early and sleeping early – Waking up early i.e between 4:30 Am -5:30 Am not only gives us a general TIME advantage over our colleagues and co-workers but it gives us the taste of accomplishment which gives us the slight MOMENTUM advantage through which we can convert a day into an arena where we just conquer!!

Also, the other part of it, i.e. sleeping early makes us feel important as we feel that we are serious towards something and will be willing to take any sacrifice for the fulfillment of our purpose. This also helps us in development of our self-esteem.

.2. Visualising self to achieve our targets upon waking up early in the morning – This is the Gamechanger as it gives the magistic boost to our mind by releasing dopamine and serotonin through our grey cells making us feel determined.

Writing letter to self (i.e letter to ourself) – This is something that makes us feel more connected to ourself while continuing our pursuit towards achieving our goals. It generates self love which is the most important thing towards going the road of success.

TIP – write casually without altering your feelings and write like you are writing the letter it to your future self .

Well this is it. Thank-you for reading and I hope these practices benfit you.

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Don’t Break The Chain Strategy . -An effective technique for a productive and consistent 2020

Hello everyone present here. A very happy and prosperous new year to all of you. As I promised, here is my blog for all of you on the eve of new year.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a simple yet effective technique which will give you an advantage for gaining consistency in the year 2020 and the decade to follow. So please try to give it a try and share your experiences down in the comment box.

So let’s just start focusing on the matter of the fact.

  • Don’t break the chain strategy(DBCS)

According to this method we have to arrange a calender with a full year or 6 months all listed on the same page. Each day, as you complete the task assigned for the day, just put a cross on that day. It may seem very ineffective but trust me it could be the gamechanger for you.

Just Try it For a few weeks and the results will be inevitable.

I hope you liked the post and don’t shy to share your experiences.

Like if you found it useful and comment your views.

Thank You, Rock the year.

One final Adieu 2019

You were a phase ,

That passed with haste,

giving us the taste,

of the power of fate.

You gave us strength,

to achieve whatever we dreamt,

you gave us power,

to keep going every month.

You helped us to learn,

That we have to Yearn,

For dreams to be turned,

As success needs to be earned.

Here you go,

there one comes,

For each year is a plot,

for a story to be learnt.

Here we give you the final farewell,

And welcome the new,

As you truly deserve,

One final adieu.

-Aryan Dubey

Thanks for reading. Hoped you liked it.

Thank -you

Lessons we all must learn from 2019

Well, I m Aryan and I am your companion for the road towards growth in the upcoming year, and hopefully…..the decade!!!

If you are new, you can learn about my ambitions by clicking on the link below :


Now without any further introduction, I would like to describe my lessons from year 2019. A lesson would summarised by the end of each Point.

.1. Challenges are there to test you, not to crush you- A lot happened to me in lot of terms in 2019. I would get frustrated, my Self Esteem would go to the tunnels. Nothing would seem to work.

…But I also learnt how to face challenges with courage. The year made me stronger. I learnt that regretting is much more painful than actual pain. So don’t worry about challenges, face them and grow stronger.

“Tough people last longer than great challenges”

.2.We all have a choice to move on- Some hardships are there in each of us ,we feel guilty, often jealous and most painfully, the pain of being robbed from life’s simplest pleasures.

It is true that life is cruel, but it is our perspective which can make the difference .As soon as we change our perspective to see our struggles ,It becomes much easier for us to continue the path. Just change your perspective towards a problem and feel the power of forgiveness rise through you.

“Change yourself, everything will change automatically. “

.3.Ignore the naysayers- Many times we start something and are sort of ‘discouraged’ by mere Comments of some people . We feel the energy drain by comments of such people.

But what I have learnt through the year is that .If you are willing for something, nothing matters what others have to say. Be yourself, and move the road of growth .

Finally, “It is not someone else to tell you to learn and change, It is your spirit within which helps you to change .”

Thank-you for reading my dear reader. Please comment your views and if you found the blog useful press like option. These things keep me going.

Love You.

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